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Welcome to klarton records, a record company based in Ottobeuren in the south of Germany. Unfortunately, most of the pages are in German and therefore we`d like to explain a few details to English speaking visitors. klarton does recordings of  various ensembles, ranging from choirs, chamber ensembles up to large orchestras. You can get an overview on the recordings if you go to “CDs”. The categories are vocal/classical/school/bahai/nature - it`s just an attempt to subdivide although you will find that theses categories often overlap. On that page you can also listen to mp3-sound samples or you can get to further pages with information and pictures by clicking on the CD covers (will be extended until the end of 2003).
Prices are given in euros (€) - one euro equivels about $ 1 or £ 0.63 (please check current exchange rate), shipping costs depend on the country and on how urgent you want to get the CD. If you want to order, just send an e-mail or a letter. We are quite happy to provide more information about a record, title or ensemble in English.


      klarton records, Helmut Scharpf, Schillerstr. 61a, 87724 Ottobeuren, Germany, Tel. ++49/(0)8332/5433
               Steuernr./tax ID: 138/266/60192, Fa. Memmingen

You can also find a number of  links: Several pages on this site are about the “Chor 96”, a local youth choir which mainly consists of former students of the local schools. Don’t hestitate to get in touch with the choir, if you want to visit Ottobeuren, which has one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Germany (see http://www.ottobeuren.de/). In December 2000 we hosted a South African choir (“Brilliant Cut”) and we quite like travelling ourselves ...
Other links are about an energy saving project of schools in the borough of Unterallgäu (50-50), the Bavarian ranger organisation (AGNA), the sound library of klarton records (opening soon!), an overview of solar cell plants in the borough (Solarstrom Unterallgäu), a project in our valley to link habitats (Günztal) and to a market game which took place in April 2003). You can get translations into many languages if you go to
babelfish.altavista. Go to the site, choose a language and click on “whole web-site” and you can read it in your language. Most of the times you get a rough idea what`s it meant to be!